Services Provided by Turf Care of WNY

Turf Care of WNY offers a standard lawn treatment program, which is similar to programs offered by conventional lawn care companies, using bio-enhanced synthetic fertilizers and your standard weed and crabgrass controls.

Bio-enhanced is a synthetic fertilizer with added bio solids to help add organic matter back into the soil.

Our other two programs (outlined below) are organic only (no pesticides) and a bridge program which is a mostly organic program but include crabgrass and weed control using “best management practices” (BMP) to use the least toxic form to treat for problems on a lawn.

We also implement “spot Weed Control” whenever we can and only treat for insects and fungus in problem areas.

Lawn and Shrub Care Services

Additional Services

Lab soil test

Turf Care of WNY offers lab soil testing to ensure that we are offering the optimal treatment for your lawn and shrubs. Without an understanding of what is needed, it won’t be possible to ensure the best treatment for your property.

Lime application

Adding lime to your lawn will help adjust the soil PH and also helps “sweeten” the soil, allowing for better nutrient exchange and a healthier lawn.

Grub / Crane fly control

applied as a preventative in June/ July and once again in Sept/Oct or curative application.

Tree and shrub care

  • Dormant oil spray – applied early spring or late fall-suffocates insect larvae before they hatch providing protection from chewing and sucking insects to trees, shrubs and ornamental s
  • Deep root feed – Heavy fertilization applied directly to the root zone of the plant providing seasonal long feeding
  • Foliar feed – liquid application applied anytime of season to help with color and vigor
  • Deer control – Applied late in the season, this pleasant smelling latex based product also acts as a tranfilm to help protect plant from the harsh winter elements. Last up to 6 months. Our revolutionary deer repellent delivers lasting shrub protection. It lasts up to 6 months, is latex based, dries clear and leaves no film. It also acts as an anti-desiccant to protect shrubs and ornamental s from winter burn.

Slit seeding

Slit seeding utilizes a special machine (a slit seeder) that literally slits the ground and drops seeds in the cracks to give them deeper contact with the soil, ensures better growth, and protects from the elements, birds and other animals .Great for established lawns that are in need of thickening up or to incorporate better grass types into the lawn.

Slit Seeding and Overseeding Diagram

Slit seeding with overseeding diagram

A lawn after Slit Seeding

Slit seeding image

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