Our Bridge Program is our Number One Program

Bridge Lawn Care Program

Our “Bridge Program” is a unique combination of a standard lawn treatment and a full organic treatment.  Our unique “bridge program” utilizes synthetic products for fast crabgrass, weed and insect control, soil building, and organic fertilizers to help replenish depleted soils and to promote a green healthy turf.

We recommend 4 to 6 application per season depending on the time of year. Any service can be purchased Ala cart.

Treatment 1 1st Early spring- Organic application with bio stimulants to jump start your soil as well as your turf. This application comes with a pre- emergent to control the germination of crabgrass, annual grasses and broad leaf weeds.
Treatment 2 2nd Late spring- Bio- enhanced slow release fertilizer with iron to help sustain color into the hot summer months. This application is the most beneficial for killing weeds when they are young and actively growing.
Treatment 3 3rd Summer- Organic application with bio stimulants to help add organic matter and nutrients to your soil. If weeds persist, a spot weed control will be sprayed. However, controlling weeds in the heat of the summer is not as effective as in cooler months.
Treatment 4 4th Late summer- Bio- enhanced fertilizer with iron and weed control. With cooler temperatures weeds become more active and fall provides an excellent time to control weeds. The iron in the fertilizer application will help push a lush green color into the fall.
Treatment 5 5th Fall Insect control plus fertilizer- This application is crucial if grubs or crane fly have been a past problem. Grub/crane fly lay eggs which over winter causing problems in the spring. This application helps prevent insect eggs from hatching. Can be applied anytime from September thru end of October.
Treatment 6 6th Heavy application of Organic fertilizer to give your turf the added nutrients needed to resist disease and winter stress.

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