Organic Only Lawn Care Program

Our organic lawn care program differs from our other programs (standard treatment and bridge treatment) in that it is a pureley organic program with no chemical applications.

This program includes 3 to 5 applications using our Holganix 100% bio stimulant fertilizers and soil builders. Our products work in synergy with Mother Nature to add organic matter and vital microbial life to the soil. The result is a more natural living soil using nutrients and water more efficiently while building deeper and denser root systems for healthier overall turf.

It is important to note that absolutely no weed controls or other chemicals will be applied on our organic only program.

The Organic fertilizers used in our Bridge Program and Organic Only Programs will help provide:

  • A Deeper, thicker root system
  • Greatly improved organic matter in the soil
  • Healthier plants and soil are better able to resist damage from insects and disease
  • Consistent color with less surge growth (less clippings)
  • Very low burn potential
  • Improved drought tolerance and recovery
  • Significant improvement in biology of the soil
  • Improved plant vigor
  • Optimize the carbon: nitrogen ratio by increasing the presence and availability of organic matter
  • Contain Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma- These are beneficial fungi that help build a deep, strong root system
  • Contain Iron and other trace elements, such as copper, zinc and boron

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