Standard Lawn Care Program

Our standard lawn care program is similar to those offered by the conventional lawn care companies.

We recommend 4 to 6 application per season depending on the time of year. Any service can be purchased ala cart.

Treatment Description
Treatment 1 Early Spring- Granular slow release fertilizer with pre-emergent to control crabgrass annual grasses and broad leaf weeds from germinating. Helps promote quick spring greenup and root development
Treatment 2 Late Spring- Slow release bio- enhanced fertilizer with broad leaf weed control. This is the most beneficial weed killing application of the season as weeds are young and actively growing. The Iron with our fertilizer application helps sustain color into the hot dormant months.
Treatment 3 Summer- This is the time of season insects start to make their presence felt- We apply a slow release fertilizer with insect control to keep chinch bugs, sod web worms, billbugs at bay. A spot Weed control is sprayed if any weeds are present. Weeds are not as easily controlled in the heat of the summer as they tend to go dormant.
Treatment 4 Late summer- A second application of slow release bio- enhanced fertilizer with Iron and broad leaf weed control as weeds are usually back actively growing again as temperatures begiun to cool down.
Treatment 5 Fall insect control with fertilizer- This application is crucial if grubs or crane fly have been a past problem. Grub/crane fly lay eggs which over winter causing problems in the spring. This application helps prevent from insect eggs from hatching. Can be applied anytime from September through the end of October.
Treatment 6 Winterizer- One of the most important applications of the year- A heavy application of fertilizer with added nutrients to help plants resist disease and winter stress. Help promote a spring green up.

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